February 22, 1999 - April 4, 2016

Jenna Robinson Charities

After Jenna's passing, wonderful friends and family got together to create the Jenna Robinson Scholarship Fund as a way to carry on Jenna's love for dancing and the performing arts. However, after constant prayer that God would show our family what's on the other side of loss, what our lives could be without our Jenna, something new was born. Through our own experiences, our family realized that there was a need for more education and awareness surrounding Epilepsy and SUDEP.  And so Jenna Robinson Charities was created for just that purpose. We are a family of passionate people who had to do something.

Since her passing, we have been shown that we are not stuck in sadness and that there is beauty in tragedy. We've learned that God allows us to go through tragic times to to show us HIS presence through it all. His presence has been made known in the quiet moments when we're alone, and in the bigger moments when we're all together. Jenna's life impacted so many while she was here and even more in death. Our hope is to tell her story to as many people as we can. Our hope is that her story will inspire others to live their lives to fullest, despite medical conditions or limitations. Our hope is to make an impact.


Grief breeds advocacy.  

1115 Pass Road Gulfport, MS 39501